About Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup has an SPF Factor of over 15.

Mineral Loose Makeup is extremely concentrated so use sparingly. For best results sprinkle a small amount into the lid of your mineral makeup container, swirl your kabuki brush into the powder and shake off excess.

Mineral Makeup should always be applied in several thin layers. Starting on the outside of your face (along the jaw line), lightly apply the foundation, working inward. Wait a few seconds, re-apply until you achieve the look and amount of coverage desired.

It takes a few seconds for the minerals to warm up to your skin. Do not over apply! You will achieve a more natural flawless finish if you build up several light layers. Try several different application techniques to decide which works best for you.

My suggestion: For normal skin with just a light and natural feel, 1-2 coats is sufficient.

Tips and tricks: Mineral makeup can be applied after a light peel and/or microdermabrasion. It will not only cover the redness, the titanium oxide and zinc oxides are anti-inflammatories, which will help calm the skin irritation.

Dry look and feel: Spritz the face with our D20 spray, let set and lightly blot with the flocked sponge in a soft downward direction.

Too shiny: You have applied too much! Use the flocked sponge to remove excess. Convert your mineral foundation to a creamy liquid foundation or concealer by applying our velvet veil or your favourite moisturiser. Mix together until desired consistency. You would apply this with a makeup brush or the flocked sponge.

Pressed mineral powder: This is fabulous - it can be used on its own as it is quick and easy, or it is great to take in your bag to touch up over the loose minerals. Apply with sponge supplied or use a kabuki brush.